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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 15, 2009 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> dave: if anybody needs a win it is clayton morris, he has not had a win in a long while e the after the show, show and we'll see you next day. >> clayton: d-next saturday. >> clayton: all of my shows are winners. >> alisyn: wieners. see you. >> jamie: good morning, afternoon, i "fox news alert" for you, this could be the new home for detainees, from guantanamo bay, cuba. a prison facility in illinois. much more on that, good morning i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm kercar eric sean, to america's news headquarters, gitmo and the corn field, could bring terrorist trials to downtown chicago and the obama administration considering transferring them to the thompson correctional facility and it is 160 miles west of the windy city and could be the new home for about 100 gitmo terror suspects and the idea already sparking a big potential battle in congress.
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caroline shivley live in washington with the latest on this, caroline, good morning. how would this work if the federal government bought the prison from the state and put the gitmo detainees in it? >> reporter: the state of illinois would sell thompson correctional facility to the federal bureau of preference and they'd turn it into a super max prison with a portion of it to house, 100 guantanamo bay detainees and the rest of the facility would be used for federal inmates and an administration official tells fox no decision is made yet but it is definitely an option, eric. >> eric: local illinois officials are for the plan. including the governor. why do they support it? >> reporter: well, it sounds like this money, mainly. and it is in a depressed part of the state, jobs are scarce, 150 miles west of chicago and the prison was actually built in '01 but never fully opened because of the state budget crunch and there are 1600 cells there and only 200 nip security prisoners are housed there now and for -- proponents would say it would bring 3,000 jobs to the region
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and a billion dollars over four years and the illinois's governor, pat quinn is holding a news conference to outline why he wants the detainees in the state and several republican members of congress say if it happens the whole area is a target for terrorists. >> eric: we'll have one of the members of congress, mark kirk with us in the next hour and thinks it is atrocious and it's not a done deal yet, is it. >> reporter: it's not. this administration wants to close guantanamo and send the prisoners somewhere in the u.s. and reportedly have been eyeing a number of other u.s. cities including marion, illinois, florence colorado and harden, montana and there are 251 prisoners left in gitmo. >> eric: we'll have more, on the potential new gitmos here on american soil. thank you, caroline. jamie. >> jamie: as you heard, some of the people living near the facility may wonder about the security issues that come with moving terror detainees next-door. here is new york congressman peter king, a republican on the
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homeland security committee. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: are those legit math mat concerns, the security issues that would surround such a move. >> they absolutely are legitimate and i fully agree with congressman mark kerr and man zu low to do all we can to stop the move, at -- of guantanamo bay terrorists to the american mainland and it's an sclut disgrace, chicago, new york, los angeles no matter where it is we'll be bringing terrorists into our midst, and conferring constitutional rights on them, which they are the not entitled to, and once they arrive in the prisons, lawyers will be filing writs of habeas corpus and putting whole communities in danger and author foez elected officials in illinois who say their willing to do it because they need the money i would say it is the you nime -- ultimate example of blood
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money. >> jamie: we learned with the khalid sheikh mohammed and the four alleged coconspirators coming to new york will gain rights and get civilian trials as opposed to military tribunal trials and something a u.s. citizen would be entitled to. but, the fact that they need to be moved somewhere, because the president is committed to closing guantanamo bay, what other options are there? >> well, first of all, the worst decision was to close guantanamo and it should be kept open and maintained and that is where they belong, other than that the president boxed himself into a corner and i would say the communities by resisting prisoners being sent to them, would be forcing the president to get guantanamo bay -- keep it open and the governor of illinois and local elected officials and the local members of congress who support this are absolutely wrong, it is bad for illinois and bad for the country. and that is why mark kirk and don manzulo will find allies in thing on and we realize, illinois today and could be another city or county or jurisdiction tomorrow and as in new york we'll be stuck with the trial of khalid sheikh mohammed,
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and the other four terrorists, starting i guess two months from now we'll have them transported here. >> jamie: what is kind it do you think for the administration to move these detainees, khalid sheikh mohammed, an admitted terrorist, 9/11 coconspirator and the other four would have been trieden mi ein military trs with much more secrecy with the classified information and evidence and now in a civilian situation a lot of the evidence is tossed out and if they moved to the united states, what is the overall impact for the country, really, in terms of overall security? not just in terms of housing them, but, their ability to recruit jihadists? >> jamie, all of these moves are a dramatic and tragic retreat in the war against terrorism. when you go back to a pre-9/11 mentality, where we are treating these as a criminal justice matter, rather than acts of war.
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and after 9/11 that is why we set up the tribunals and set up the whole idea of interrogations. for instance, if we captured khalid sheikh mohammed, in 2003, as we did, and read him his miranda rights, as we'd be required to do now, to have the trials go forward, thousands of innocent lives would have been lost because we obtained intelligence from him, we obtained information which saved so many lives and what we are doing is saying we are not out to get intelligence or information, we are out to have a criminal justice-type proceeding and reading people their rights and allow them -- various risks they can bring and legal protections an american citizen would get rather than an enemy who is captured on the battlefield. >> jamie: i ask myself whether the white house has the juniors diction to bestow jurisdiction when an enemy combatant is detained in a military setting like the five that are coming to new york, who were and
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pre-heavenlipreand pr np apprehended in pakistan and putting them on u.s. soil and that with the political correctness we saw in the hasan case in fort hood and maybe there were warning signs overlooked because of the inability of intelligence operatives to go all the way with the investigation, potentially this will come out, where does it leave us in terms of intelligence-gathering, you are a ranking member on homeland security and are we becoming more or less safe with the administration policies? >> jamie, we are clearly res safe. these are all terrible retreats in the war against terrorism and the obama administration wants to deny... somehow they want to but put liberal gloss on what they are doing and the measures they are taking are terrible defeats for us, we are at war and you don't confer constitutional rights on your enemy. you don't treat them as if they
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are ordinary burglars or bank robbers, they are people out to get us and, as important as it is, to arrest them and to confine them, it is even more important to get intelligence from them and that is why we haven't been attacked in 8 year, the information we got from khalid sheikh mohammed, stopped attacks and saved hundreds of thousands of lives and projecting into the future, and for instance, we found someone close to usama bin laden and we are not allowed to forcefully interrogate him and give him his miranda rights? where does it end and it is a mindset of the administration, we saw with major hasan, the political correctness has come over the administration and they want to show they are so far from bush administration they are willing to put americans at risk. >> jamie: there is information you cannot discuss with us on all of that and thanks for pointing out the issues and we'll follow the story throughout the two hours, thank you, congressman king, good to see you. >> thank you, as always. >> jamie: here's more of the specs on the thomp sop
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correctional center. the -- thompson correctional center the white house is considering strongly to house the detainees. the facility is located about 150 miles west of chicago. and, construction on it actually wrapped up in 2001, it had a price tag of $145 million. it has not been used all that much, because of the budget crisis in the state of illinois. it has 1600 cells right now, it holds minimum security prisoners, about 144 inmates, total. eric. >> eric: president obama warning iran today that time is running out. we've heard that before but now the president, pressuring tehran, to sign onto the deal to ship the uranium out of the country. so it cannot be processed and made into a nuclear bomb. russia and france have offered to do that, but, iran remains defiant. >> president barack obama: unfortunately, so far iran appears to have been unable to say yes to what everyone acknowledges is a creative and constructive approach and that
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is not just the u.s. position. that has begin the position of the iaea and the director general el baradei. and we are now running out of time, with respect to that approach. >> eric: joining to us talk about that is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor john bolten who joins us every week at this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: what does it mean when the president says time is running out for diplomacy. >> who knows when he says the goal... the goal line shifted so many times here. i think the immediate target, this time, is november the 30th, the date on which the term of mohammed el baradei, whom the president mentioned, the director general of the international atomic energy agency, leaves office. and that is another board of governors meeting of the iaea next week, which will receive the report of the iaea inspectors who went to the qum
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nuclear facility and in the next ten days we'll see a lot of developments, and i think what el baradei is saying is that we need to put pressure on the iranians to try and bring them to closure on the deal. i think that that is the target here. >> eric: they have been saying it for several years now and you have those resolutions at the united nations security council, iran is ignoring and you have the qum facility, the inspectors went in and came up with nothing. nothing was in there, a hole in a mountain. how does this change and how can -- what new pressure can be brought upon iran to actually achieve something? >> of course, these negotiations have been going on in one form or another, for close to 7 years. and the net-net of which is that iran is 7 years closer to a deliverable nuclear weapons capability. i think the president's credibility on the deadline point is pretty strained. as of now. and i think there is also an idea out there that mohammed el baradei will be kept on in some unspecified capacity to keep
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negotiating with iran as a special envoy. this is... fits the obama administration paradigm and has a lot of special enjoys and they should like this idea even more since el baradei is not even an american citizen but what it shows, is the negotiations with iran are a long way from being over. unfortunately. >> eric: what does it mean if he appointed a special envoy in the -- and the negotiations continue. >> well, i think it -- what it does as a practical matter is that it's an objectively pro iranian nuclear program development, and like all proliferato proliferators, iran needs time and while the centrifuges are still spinning and the work on the ballistic missile program continues means they are getting more and more sophisticated and more and more advanced toward a deliverable nuclear weapon. and i think that is a problem -- serving let me stop you there. you had a phrase that is fascinating. you said deliverable weapons capability. so, not just talking about the
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potential of the nuclear bomb. what do you mean by a deliverable weapons capability? >> well, in the the -- from iran's point of view the most ideal form would be a weapon that can fit into the nose-cone of one of their ballistic missiles and be delivered thousands of miles away. but, the threat exists even if they don't have that capability, because they could give a nuclear device to terrorists as they have given so many conventional weapons, over the years. and, have that delivered to europe or the united states or anywhere in world. so the -- in the world and the iranian threat continues to grow and all of the time we spent negotiating over whatever proposal gives them more time to make further progress. >> eric: and finally, ambassador the president as we heard in his clip, said that so far, iran has been unable to say yes. what do you think will make iran say yes to a deal? >> i don't think there -- they'll ever agree to a deal that has them give up their
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nuclear weapons program and let me say the president also said, everybody thinks the deal to shift low enriched to russia for further enrichment is constructive and positive and i don't think it is that for anyone but iran and they are turning down a good deal for them to put pressure on president obama and others to make more concessions and i say now iran continues to be ahead in that game. >> eric: iran ahead in the game says u.s. ambassador, john bolten, ambassador, always good to see you, thanks for joining us, as wall ways here and more signs of tension between iran and our country, iran condemning the american government as unprosecute dented move to take steps to seize four mosques at a -- and a new york city skyscraper owned by a nonprofit muslim foundation and we first told you about the it as part of our fox news reporting investigation five months ago and it is suspected of helping fund iran's nuclear program by
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sending money back to iran and prosecutors accuse it of being controlled by the iranian government. and tehran calls the move disgraceful and says, it shows president obama's slogan of change was in their words, sdootful and they say he's no -- deceitful and he's no different than president george bush and in the next hour we'll have an indepth look at the alavi foundation and has iran used it to infiltrate america. jamie. >> jamie: the president arriving in shanghai, china a short time ago, after attending a summit in singapore with asia pacific leaders and there he announced what he said was excellent progress on a replacement treaty with russia to reduce nuclear arms. the president will now spend four days in china, and on the agenda, trade an economic policy -- trade and economic policy and climate change and north korea's nuclear program and katie sergeant, is at the news conference where the meeting
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wrapped up. >> reporter: it was a big day for him and other leaders from pacific rim nations, including russia. president obama and russian president dmitry medvedev met on the sidelines of the summit and reported progress on negotiation for a new start treaty on reducing nuclear arms, it expires on december 5th and that is for a re-- as for a replacement treaty the president says they are getting there. >> president barack obama: our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations, and to be able to sign a deal before the end of the year. and, i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urgency about it that we should be able to get that done and i very much feel as if both sides are trying to work through difficult technical issues but are doing so in good faith. >> reporter: of course economic and trade issues are ostensibly why they get together for the summits and on that front the leaders noted the world's
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economy has begun to recover thanks to stimulus spending and other emergency measures and they said the nations must push ahead with free trade and investment to ensure growth. one thing that is not in the final declaration is any mention of currencies, cut following a dispute between china and the united states on the wording, and china has been under pressure to let the yuan strengthen, and critics say it is being kept artificially low, and of course there will be more discussion of that when the president is in china. climate change, also was on the agenda, although it was added at the last minute with the copenhagen climate summit coming up in three weeks, and little hope for a legally binding agreement to come out of that. the prime minister of denmark, true flew into present a proposal to the leaders for a politically binding agreement to at least keep the process going and at the -- if the summit was not enough, president obama joined leaders from ten southeast asian nations for a separate summit and delivered a
10:18 am
strong message to myanmar telling the punta to release in a song suu kyi and other prisoners and the directive did not make in the to the joint statement between the president and the leaders and he covered a lot of ground and now he's gone. jamie. >> jamie: kitty sergeant liatien singapore, thanks. >> julie: and military support planes have been delivered to the afghan national army air corps a small step on the road to helping afghanistan security forces develop a more mod en aerial fleet and they have short take off and landing capability needed another country's mountainous regions and the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal says by the end of spring of next year, the afghan air crews and coalition forces will have a fleet of six of those planes. >> jamie: defense secretary robert gates does not want any more pictures from the abu ghraib prison scandal to be made public and is blocking photos
10:19 am
that show some u.s. soldiers abusing prisoner at the baghdad prison in '04. and last month, congress gave gates the power to prevent the release of the pictures and he says, gates, if any more of these pictures are made public, u.s. soldiers fighting in iraq and afghanistan would be in danger and the american civil liberties union suing for the release of the images and they say they will not give up their fight. >> eric: fox news reporting investigated five months ago and this feds moved to seize a half billion dollars of assets of a new york charity. and they claim the foundation has -- is tied to iran's nuclear program and controlled by tehran, the iranian u.n. ambassador has called the shots. has iran infiltrated the united states? coming up, we'll speak to one man who says i told you so. just ahead. >> jamie: plus a small plane crash lands in a busy los angeles suburb and explodes right in front of a business. what happened next?
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>> eric: no word on what happened to force a small plane down on a busy los angeles suburb, the single engine plane crashed in front of a business and you can see, caught fire and the pilot was killed. and thankfully, no one on the ground was hurt. and the faa and the national transportation safety board are now investigating. >> jamie: the obama administration plan to try 9/11 suspects in new york city. lower manhattan, so close to where the world trade towers stood. it is drawing criticism from the former mayor of new york city,
10:24 am
rudy giuliani. who says the terror attacks were an act of war, and they belong in a military tribunal. >> they should bring them to justice in a military court, they spent 6 or 7 years developing a constitutionally permissible military tribunal and he's satisfied with it and will hear -- what the health care is he bringing the guy to new york for when he doesn't have to? other than that give him more benefits, and he is entitled to. it seems to be an overconcern with the rights of terrorists and a lack of concern for the rights of the public. >> jamie: joining me to talk about that interview, the host of "fox news sunday," chris wallace, good morning. >> chris: good morning, jamie. >> jamie: when i spoke to the former attorney general, michael mukasey said and asked if this is not right for a military tribunal, especially khalid sheikh mohammed, and the other four alleged coconspirators, picked up in pakistan and khalid sheikh mohammed willing to confess in a military tribunal, what would be, he said in a word, i haven't a clue. does rudy giuliani know why the decision was made? is there any legal base for them
10:25 am
moving to it civilian court. >> chris: well, there is no -- he personally doesn't know, because he's not an intimate of barack obama and is certainly not hearing on the inside. i think he believes -- i'll tell you what he believes and i'll tell you what holder says. he believes that the president, the administration, the attorney general are trying to make a statement to the country and to the world about our values. and that we can bring someone like the mastermind of 9/11, allegedly, to ground zero, and try him, in a civilian court. that it is a statement about this american legal system, and about justice on this part of the world, and i think that their argument would be that it makes a statement that things have changed, since the bush administration, and in terms of why they feel they can try him in this particular court, and not go to a military court which is somewhat more restrictive and has less rights for the
10:26 am
defendant they believe they have a stronger case against khalid sheikh mohammed and believe that they don't need to use the testimony that he gave as a result of the 183 water boardings and, therefore, they can do it. with all of the protections that mohammed and all of the other four defendants will get in a civilian court. >> jamie: although holder said, a satisfactory result will come, that he is sure the current attorney general... we don't know what would be satisfactory to the administration. so. >> chris: yes, we do, no, we do. in fairness, the administration says they believe that there is going tribe conviction, and that he is going to seek the death penalty, now the problem with that, and i think any -- i know you are a lawyer, would say that you can be absolutely certain of what will happen and the outcome will be and guess what? you cannot guarantee it. and -- >> jamie: up to the jury. >> chris: and the judge on what he rules on a legal technicality and the defense lawyers in this case will spend months, perhaps even years, trying to devise
10:27 am
every reason to try to derail the trial or even get the charges thrown out. >> jamie: chris, a can't-miss interview, especially with mayor bloomberg, the current mayor, saying that it is an appropriate forum to have them come to new york, we'll definitely check it out either on the fox news channel today, chris, thanks, or you can check your local listings, really should, "fox news sunday," find out where it airs, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and several other guests, you will not want to miss. thanks, chris. >> eric: if gitmo closes, where do they put all the terror suspects? could it be right here on u.s. soil? at this correctional facility? in the heartland? that possibility has sparked support from some an outrage from other and wait until you hear what an illinois congressman says because the gitmo guys could soon be residents of his state. >> jamie: and the federal government releasing startling new numbers on the toll h1n1 is taking on americans. who is affected most?
10:28 am
what you can do to protect your family. dr. rosenfeld, next.
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>> eric: the bottom0th hour -- bottom of the hour, here's the top stories, nasa giving a briefing ahead of the atlantis launch, astronauts will deliver equipment to the newly completed international space station and get what? they say there are only six shuttle flights left. president obama, wrapping up the
10:32 am
summit in singapore with the asian-pacific leaders there and will head to shanghai for a four day visit, trade and economic policy high on the agenda there and pakistan troops killed 8 taliban fighters in the swat valley and the military says the fighting under scores the persistent threat of the taliban in the region. ♪ >> jamie: it is time now for "sunday house call," with our -- usually our host, dr. isadore rosenfeld but you can see, dr. rosenfeld who, for 14 years, has joined us every week... >> eric: he has, he has been here, day in, day out, snowstorm, blizzards, winter, heat, but for the first time, the doctor is joining us by telephone, instead of in person. because the doc is sick and as he always tells us, if you are will, stay home so you don't infect other. good morning, doctor, how are
10:33 am
you feeling. >> caller: oh, i'm feeling terrific. i want to tell you, i want to tell you, i have come to the conclusion that if you talk about something long enough, that is with the exception of money, you are going to get it and for the last few months i have talked about respiratory illness, and i have talked about seasonal flu, and about h1n1, and here i am, talking to you, about it again. from my home. i hope you can make me out. >> jamie: we can and it's not serious, you will be okay, chicken soup for the soul, taking care of yourself. but, we do, at this time, always ask you about the very latest on h1n1. and, the flu season and i know the seasonal flu will arrive soon. what do you want viewers to know this morning? >> caller: first of all, i want you to know that this has been the worst flu season not only for me, but for the united states, in 12 years. in most of -- interestingly enough, most of the people, like
10:34 am
myself, are between the ages of 30 and 39. [laughter]. >> caller: most of the deaths were in people over 70. only 1% in kids. now, there are practical tips i want to give you. if you are in a high risk group, like pregnant women, very young children and so on, if you suspect or your doctor suspects that you have the h1n1 flu, take tamiflu. don't wait for proof. don't wait for the diagnosis to be proved. take the tamiflu. one of the things, whenever kids are being vaccinated, don't give them tylenol before the vaccination. there is evidence that tylenol can interfere with the immune response. so, that is a very, very
10:35 am
important effect to know. most of these cases including myself, get better without any specific treatment, if you are not at special risk. which i am not. but, if you have asthma, or if you have severe diabetes, or if you have any kind of illness where your immune system is impaired like hiv, you are at risk and what is otherwise a minor illness can be life-threatening. >> eric: doc you talk about the life-threatening aspect of this and the numbers seem to be larger than we originally thought and when dealing with h1n1, the cdc, centers for disease control, says there are 22 million. >> caller: that's right, 22 million cases, but -- and almost 4,000 deaths.
10:36 am
there are 540 kids who died from it in this country. 22 million cases, is an awful lot of cases. and as i say, if you are -- not a well person, this can be a serious disease. yes, doc you have stayed home because you have always preached that if you are sick do not come to work. but, how long should you stay home? what is the telltale sign that you are ready to go back to work? >> first, how you feel. second, fever. third, major symptoms like cough. if you are coughing, have fever and if you generally feel lousy, don't go to work. and i am proving that today. i don't think i could have come anyway. i don't know if you can make out what i am saying but even with jobs where communication is not person you risk infecting your
10:37 am
coworkers and you infect them by, you know,ing of in their presence. by touching things that they subsequently touch. these are all the ways of transmitting the disease but it is extremely important for employers to recognize the need for such people to stay home and to -- not to encourage them to come to work. >> jamie: very good, doctor. >> eric: doctor, you always say this, wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow and wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands to try and prevent the spread of the germs. >> there are other things, for example, going to church and going through the various things that bringing and sharing cups and so on, in italy i understand the holy water is dispensed by dispensers, from the from the usual method.
10:38 am
>> jamie: and doc rest is so important and that is what i want you to do, rest the rest of the day but thanks for sharing these types and you know what today would be the perfect day for you, doc, read your book! "doctor of the heart" in bookstores now, at and you can call 1-800-685-4802 to get it. perfect day, doc for you to take another read, great fun, stories and an incredible journey you have had and we will have you here, next week, i feel that i can guarantee that. >> eric: he's his own doctor. >> caller: fantastic idea. i'll get the book right away! >> jamie: i hope there are some left. >> thank you. >> eric: doctor, feel better. coming up on the fox news channel, have you heard the case of the missing five-year-old in north carolina, led investigators to take a closer look at her mother, we still don't know the fate of the girl, as her mother now faces several charges. announcer: cialis asks, when is it time
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>> eric: the first of its kind in oregon and one of only a handful in the whole country. the cafe where marijuana can be legally consumed. it is called the cannabis cafe and what else, it is in portland, oregon and the grant opening was on friday. and the -- grand opening was on friday and it is only open to medical marijuana card holders and it requires medical marijuana be consumed in private and there has been mixed reaction to this controversial cafe. >> we need this place because we have no place of our own, unfortunately, we are ostracized in society. >> most people don't have a problem with it being a cafe, the fact the solomons have proven themselves to be irresponsible. and they... >> every issue they've had, we have done things to address them. >> eric: the owners say they'll have security, and they say no marijuana will ever be left in the store, the cafe and it could become a target for thieves.
10:43 am
>> jamie: the mother of a missing five-year-old girl in north carolina is now under arrest, her name is antoinette nicole davis and she's accused of selling her little girl, into prostitution. police have charged davis with child abuse, and human trafficking. she reported her daughter missing on tuesday from their mobile home community in fayetteville, and police have also charged the woman's boyfriend, mario mcneil for kidnapping her and now police are still searching for this little girl. joining us now, investigative crime reporter, michelle sedona, good morning, i know you have been following the case. what is the latest? >> the very latest in the investigation, jamie is of course, as you mentioned, that the little girl is missing, this is an active amber alert we need to get out to the nation, her mother, antoinette davis was charged late last night after a series of improves were conducted with her from police and let me explain some charges
10:44 am
she's facing and i got off this phone with investigators, 30 minutes ago and what they say, is that antoinette and also mario could be facing additional charges. antoinette now faces one count of human trafficking, and one count of prostituting a child, and one count of filing a police report and one count of resist, delay or obstruction of justice and these are a lot of charges here, especially dealing with the child, that was allegedly -- who allegedly went missing, was reported missing back last tuesday. two investigators and -- to investigators and has caused so many departments, throughout north carolina to get involved, a lot of resources going out to find shaniya davis and the good is, there was one positive sighting of shaniya davis at a hotel, with mario, mcneil, we have his pictures, at -- >> jamie: rather than showing you and me, let's show the little girl, because, there is surveillance tape of her being carried as you said, into the hotel and i know, the mobile
10:45 am
home park where they live has a number of surveillance cameras also if i can ask my producers, do we have that available? okay, here it comes. take a look. this is surveillance video of the little girl, being carried and take a very good look, if you are from this area or at this point, michelle i would assume police have expanded their search beyond the fayetteville area? >> they have. and what you see in these pictures right here, is mario mcneil carrying shaniya davis and her biological father was this one that positively identified her and through good police work is how they were able to arrest mcneil and he was arrested, unfortunately, he did not have her with him and he will not, you know, allegedly will not tell investigators as to where he dropped her off or where she is at this point and that is what they are trying to figure out is where the child could be, anywhere in the nation or anywhere in the world now. and you can see in these photos, though, on your screen, that she appeared to be a bit relax and
10:46 am
looking like she was looking at the elevator, and... >> jamie: i thought that, too, but i don't think we should -- she may have been woken up from a nap and may not have known where she was going and -- >> i want to mention they were only at the hotel, jamie for one hour, last tuesday morning, at 6:11 a.m. and the good folk at the hotel were able to call investigators and say, you know what? i think this little girl was here and you need to come out and search the surveillance and luckily, police went out there, 45 minutes from the place where she went missing and pulled up the surveillance video to show those photos and now, in turn we are able to show them to you. >> jamie: michelle, give me the name of the hotel, please. >> if i'm not mistaken it is the comfort inn, or comfort suites. >> jamie: if you were anywhere in that area, and you saw anything, we don't know the vehicle that he was driving? >> no, investigators have not identified that and have not released that particular vehicle. >> jamie: because i'm against a hard break before i have you go i want to ask if he has a
10:47 am
criminal record, do we know? >> we do know. >> jamie: what is his background. >> well, this gentleman does have a criminal background and there are other charges, that have been placed on him throughout the last few years, and, so investigators are looking into other states to see if he has other charges, against him as well. >> jamie: or connection to those states. >> or a connection. >> jamie: i'm sorry, i have to run, michelle, please stay on it for you, if you have information call 911 or you can call authorities, there, thank you so much, michelle. we hope the little girl turns up soon. >> thank you. eric. >> eric: jamie, as president obama weighs the big decision over whether to send tens of thousands of additional troops to afghanistan, secretary of state hillary clinton has some tough words for afghan president hamid karzai over what he needs do to stabilize the country. the secretary's comments and our future role in afghanistan, how many troops will go, in three minutes. ú#÷@çeeeeeeeeee
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
>> eric: as part of his push to prut put pressure on iran and deal with the global recession, president obama has just arrived in china. a four-day state visit and he arrived in shanghai and will be meeting with the chinese president hu jintao while there and also dealing with the
10:52 am
economy, china as you may know this largest shoulder of u.s. debt and the president on monday will hold a town hall with students. president obama, just arrived in china. >> jamie: as you know, we'd expect to hear soon if president obama will send ten of thousands of additional u.s. troops to afghanistan and, today, secretary of state hillary clinton has strong words for the president, of that troubled country. clinton saying that president hamid karzai must do better to weed out corruption in his government because clinton says the u.s. has one goal there, to get rid of al qaeda. joining us in -- steven yates, former vice president for national security affairs and we know the taliban certainly plays a role in what is going on there. and steven, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, very much. >> jamie: how important is it that karzai clean up corruption before we would put more of our troops in place?
10:53 am
>> i think it is certainly important that he clean up corruption but i would not put it as a priority before we make a troop decision. i think it is very, very important for the president and everyone, to step back and redefine what our military mission is and our military mission is not to clear up corruption in afghanistan. it is to destroy the ingredients of a safe haven for 9/11-like attacks. and if our mail ter commander on the ground says he needs a certain number of troops and other capabilities, to achieve that mission, i ham not sure where corruption in afghanistan should fit into that. >> jamie: do you have any sense of what, on the ground, is the perception of the people in afghanistan to the fact that a general that was placed there by our president has said he needs more troops, whether to train afghan forces or to keep the taliban out, and we know, much of the taliban has found a safe haven in pakistan. do they have a sense of this long fight that we have going on there and the fact that the decision has been stalled by the
10:54 am
president, for some time? >> well, people of afghanistan certainly have a long experience with war and set backs. i think for them, what would be most striking right now, is for our government to start talking as if we might think of withdrawal at some point, that our target is really only al qaeda, and we have no long-term commitment to afghanistan and if we think back to the mid '90s, this is where they were, a government that was not meeting this needs of its people and the taliban came into power and created a sanctuary that led to 9/11 and afghanistan's neighbor, pakistan, was charging ahead, with nuclear weapons capabilities and other kinds of troubles. and i think that right now, the people there have a longer memory and might be more worried than we seem to be about getting this right and i think getting it right is -- to halt this sort of lurching back towards the ingredients that led to 9/11. >> jamie: what is the
10:55 am
responsibility of president karzai as he assumes the office again and is sworn in? what do we need him to do in order to have a successful mission and put or troops at minimal risk? >> well, he certainly needs to address some of these political issues that have come up. i might object to the administration making it so public, and i don't think it has been helpful for our ambassador to have the cables leaked in the course of the troop decision but, president karzai does need to have a government that delivers services better to its people and i think it is fairly widely viewed as having been less than effective by the afghan people and certainly by aid workers. even though some progress has been made. >> jamie: what about those cables -- i'm sorry. >> security is important. >> jamie: i'm so sorry. you brought up the cables of ambassador eichenberry. what do you make of those? >> well, certainly, ambassadors who are put in the field have a right to their opinion and a president wants their opinion. but i think ambassador
10:56 am
eichenberry, like any of us in the digital age need to be mindful when we put something in electrons they can go anywhere, not just their targeted audience and to have these kinds of messages i think delegitimizing the partner that we have to work with, whether we like him or not and in afghanistan and getting the politics right is poisonous and the fact that this ambassador is a former commander of military forces in afghanistan really sort of puts a fight between americans in afghanistan and the fighting needs to be between an allied force and the taliban and al qaeda. >> jamie: steven yates, good to see you this morning, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> eric: we're learning more about the possibility of terror detainees being housed in the m. midwest and apparently this siten illinois could be the new gitmo and coming up we'll hear from one congressman who says, not in my state.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
it could be the new gitmo where 100 suspected terrorists, enof the america could soon call home and it is right here on u.s. soil, smack dab in the cornfields of the midwest. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> i'm jamie colby. the obama administration is considering transferring the detainees from guantanamo bay to the thompson correctional facility in illinois and we are waiting to hear from illinois governor pat quinn. he is expected to outline the plans today for that security maximum security prison. but the proposal is already sparking fierce debate and julie kirtz is joining us live in washington. why this prison and is there a final decision yet? >> reporter: for one thing, it is nearly empty. a small town called thompson
11:01 am
village 150 miles west of chicago. the prison has 1600 cells but because of budget problems out there it has never been fully opened. obama administration officials tell us the prison is definitely an option but no decision has been made yet, jamie. there is a lot of outcry, some in favor, some not in favor. who wants it there from the state of illinois and who is against it and going to fight hard? >> essentially it is about the money. the prison is in a part of the state where jobs are scarce. proponents say it will bring 3,000 jobs to the area so that is substantial. not everyone sees this as a good idea. some reaction on "fox news sunday" from senator mitch mcconnell. >> i can't imagine the people of illinois would like to have these prisoners in course rated in their state.
11:02 am
maybe some local officials who are going to support it. i expect it will be a huge issue in illinois. >> there are 1600 cells but only 100 minimum security prisoners are housed there at this time. as you mexica mentioned in a fs the governor of illinois will have more to say on this. >> you mentioned cells and that is one of the concerns is that bringing detainees to places like new york city and also now to illinois will spur more terror cells and encourage homegrown and international terrorists to attack us. is that concern being raised in illinois as well? >> oh, yeah, 86 mean there is intense disagreement about the decision not only if there is a decision to bring inmates or alleged terror suspects there but the besieges to bring the mastermind of 9/11 and the other key defendants to new york city. you know, rudy giuliani said why would we give khalid shaikh muhammad what he wants and
11:03 am
bring him to new york. he says a federal trial in new york will give territories on advantage. on the other side, senator jack reid made the point, hey, the trial -- a trial in federal court will showcase our values as americans in our justice system. i imagine this debate is going to go on through any trials that will be in federal court on and on. >> and we will cover it every step of the way, julie, thank you so much. >> the possible transfer of the gitmo detainees has a lot of conversation and the hill. those who oppose t don't want ail laid suspects on u.s. soil. republican mark kirk has written to president obama to block the transfer. he is running for the illinois senate. thank you for joining us it this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what is wrong with putting them in the land of lincoln, these detainees.
11:04 am
they have to go some where. >> we are home to the world's busiest airport, o'hare and to the tallest building in north america, the sears tower. federal prisoners have a right to visitation four hours minimum each month with a list of ten people that they could bring. that would be over 2,000 al-qaeda followers and family coming to visit this prison. at best, these people will also be able to convert other prisoners to the cause of jihad against america. at worst anger and attention that is has brought to the city of chicago and state of illinois will make up the target. >> do you think that the federal authorities, our government of the united states would actually let these guys have visitors as you say? >> by federal law, federal prisoners have a right to visitation. we will now see a flow of al-qaeda connected family and o'harers coming through oh
11:05 am
to visit this facility. is dramatically increases the risk to the facility and to our state. the other side says that this is an economic development measure but the way to fix a mismanaged and corrupt economy in illinois is not to bring al-qaeda terrorists to our state. >> you raise two points. one is the sears tower was a target of a suspected terror plot by islamic radical terrorists at one point. and there is something else, this has happened before, in 1990, el sayeed here in new york shot the to death and guess who visits him over the next three years, suspects who then went ton bomb the world trade center in the first world trade center center attack in 1993. so you may not be that far off
11:06 am
if, indeed, they are allowed to have visitors. >> that's right. we would now be one of the most reported on locations in the jihaddest world which is we i launched a website no terrorists in and i'm urging all of my fellow citizens of illinois to sign up on the electronic petition to send a message to governor quinn. this makes us a target of high priority in the war on terror and that these people should not come to the state of illinois. reporterthe governor arted later on this afternoon he is having a news conference. congressman, you have to do something with these guys. they are in gitmo and it is closing. where do we put them? >> i think that the $54 million state of the art guantanamo bay facility should remain open and that these terrorists should be
11:07 am
subjected to justice by military commission. under the precedence set by abraham lincoln and president roosevelt. i'm a naval reserve intelligence officer. i recently served in afghanistan. i know of this threat and i think caution with regard to bringing 200 of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet to the state of illinois should be the policy that we have. i fear that this is the wrong way to go which is why i will be offering an amendment calling for a homeland insecurity impact statement to be fully worked out before any terrorists are brought to illinois. >> congressman mark kirk, thank you and you do raise an interesting point. the terror suspects here in new york before have visited the prison before and then they
11:08 am
went on to commit the attacks against the world trade center. congressman, thank you for being here. an unbelievable attack and today funeral services continue for another victim of the fort hood shootings. this for chief warrant officer michael cahill of texas. in all, 14 people were killed ten days ago and a senior prosecutor says it they will be going for the death penalty. a highly unusual move for the military particularly because the last execution of an active military serviceman was back in 1961. joining us now, a form j.a.g. defense attorney and former prosecutor. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> a tough decision for the men and women who will have to sit in that tribunal and look at
11:09 am
one of their own in a sense and make the decision regarding death. but they do seem to have quite a bit of evidence that major hasan had premed dated this attack on -- premeditated this attack on fort hood. how strong is the case? and is the appropriate forum a military tribunal even if they discover that he had terrorist ties? >> because the victims in the case were soldiers and it happened on a military base they will go forward with a court martial proceeding. is in the jurisdiction of the army. there is no clearer circumstance where that could be the case than here. as far as going for the death penalty, there are sufficient aggravating factors which they will put on the table at the article 32 hearing which is the ease equivalent of a grand jury proceeding for us. and the other issue that is going to come up withs is the issue of venue because of the fact that they are going to bring up the argument how can i get a fair trial here at fort
11:10 am
hood when here is all the victims. the prosecution is going to come back and say well, we need to try them here specifically in fort hood because of the fact that this is where it occurred and this is where the evidence is and that is this is where all the witnesses are. the defense will make another argument to have that moved and they will have a clear argument to be made here. the evidence in this case is going be very strong. we have eyewitnesses and we also have some circumstantial evidence as well regarding premeditation. factorsfew aggravating fact here. >> who signs the death warrant if in fact he is convicted and death is the punishment? >> the commander 234 chief will ultimately haves have to sign off on this and that will happen if we get that far. >> so if we got that far, president obama would be the one that essentially would have to pull the trigger on the death penalty. >> he would have the final say on it, yes. first it goes to the general officer, the commander and he
11:11 am
will sign off on it first. >> that is interesting. if other facts are brought to light and we know there are a multitude of investigations going on with various intel agencies and the army about what major hasan was up to in addition to this attack that he was responsible for. could we see two cases going on at once, one in a civilian court and one in a military court? >> i don't think you will see two cases follow each other on the same track. after the fact you might see the feds coming in or doj coming in with charges under the terrorism statute. that is a possibility. but they are not going to be trying them both at the same exact time because that can get fairly confusing and there might be overlap there and that is not likely to happen. if there were an acquittal that could happen and the federal government through the doj could act then. >> one last question.
11:12 am
he is a psychiatrist. the first thing that came to my mind as an attorney is if any one knows mental health defenses it is someone who is a psychiatrist who actually treated post traumatic stress disorder and otherwise. are those defenses available in a military court? >> absolutely. but we are talking about basically the point that he was unable to form the intent because that is going to be the main focus here is it is did he have the intent. was he able to form the intent. very difficult for him to overcommon. as you mentioned the fact that he is a psychiatrist that will come into play here as well. i mean this is a man that was treating people for the very thing that zenaida is saying he suffered from. >> -- that he is saying he suffered from. >> thank you very much. well, is a powerful nor'easter pummeled the mid atlantic region this weekend.
11:13 am
parts of maryland, new jersey, telekom and new york still under water this morning. the storm dumping up to ten inches of rain in some areas, forcing some residents from their homes. all, about 150,000 people still without power this morning. dominica live with the latest. >> at least it is drying up. here is what is left of the tropical storm and it is thousand pushed up to the canada area. so it is gone and we will see a nice drying period for the mid-atlantic the next couple of days. a brand new system coming out of the rockies and is it something, a lot of snow. denver picked up several inches and they will continue to see an additional three to five inches in some cases, even as high as 8 inches. a winter storm warning stays in effect until about 5:00 local time and then we start to see these go down. the highest know that we will see today, the highest concentration of snow would be in the eastern pocket of
11:14 am
colorado and the western pocket of kansas. that is where we are going get some of the heaviest of the snow as the low pressure system continues to push down into kansas. we can't rule out on the eastern side of the storm the thunderstorms breaking out around the dallas area by this afternoon. we have a slight chance that we could have nasty thunderstorms that will roll through late this afternoon. >> dominica, thanks very much. we wanted to just show you what is going on today in jerusalem. a very important conference in which twice a year at least us and israeli authorities get together to talk about relations and also many things that are going on in the world. this particular forum is in jerusalem today and former president clinton will be speaking at this conference as well as prime minister benjamin
11:15 am
netanyahu. the washington location is at brookings institute but today they are at the king david hotel. important issues being discussed there and once they come to the podium and start speaking we will monitor the entire conference for you and bring you all the highlights. former president clinton is addressing some issues and we will bring you any of the statements that come out that you need to know, king david hotel, jerusalem. well, do you recycle? some people take a different approach. they throw the garbage and plastic and papers into the same place? that could change thanks to a recycle bank forming partnerships across the country to reward households for going groan. the more you recycle the more you profit. laura ingle live with that. how can we profit from recycling? >> sort of like earning points when you use your credit card because you redeem them for the
11:16 am
restaurants after recycling. but the points reward you for helping to make your city a little more green. just like any type of opportunities for freebies we are hearing about reported scammers out there trying to earn a free buck. now, a cherry hill new jersey, residents are turning trash into cash through a joint program with the town and a company called recycle bank. one of many around the country doing things like. the delaware-based company has created a issues them that rewards people with points. the more you bin weighs the more points you get. but some people are weighing the trash bins down with wet newspapers, bricks and other seven i have high temperatures to get more points -- the recyclable materials are separated by the collection facility and not the residents. >> separate out our recycling. to we now just throw everything into the same bin and that in and of itself the convenience
11:17 am
of it has increased people's interest in recycling because it is easy. >> the single stream system is being adopted by many cities large and small as a recycle bank program. each bin has an electronic i.d. tag and the more trash the more points, the points are redeemable for dinner coupons, school supplies and groceries. local business owners are embracing the system. >> at this point we are receiving anywhere from five to ten coupons per day and it has become very successful and generated a lot of business for us. >> in the town of cherry hill, over says recycle bank pays for the costs for the bank to pick up and disposal. they make the money from selling the materials after this they are processed. it is america recycle day, a national recycling day in its 12th year. so if you are having some beer or maybe omaha bank soda at today's game, make sure that you recycle.
11:18 am
>> the plastic in the plastic and the papers in the bundle. thank you very much. >> thanks, as. iran funding its nuclear weapons program with the help of a big american charity right here in our country? that is the question. headquarters nyc is really controlled by iran. years ago, our next guest said yes, it is. is is alavi foundation a secret iranian front?
11:19 am
11:20 am
11:21 am
has iran infiltrated
11:22 am
america? they want to seize half a billion dollars of islamists assets. the feds say alavi is controlled by iran. and they help fund iran's nuclear and missile system programs. steven plato is a businessman and his daughter was killed in a terrorist attack in 1995. why, if we going to start with this do you blame iran for your daughter's death? >> at the trial in 1998 we introduced evidence that the iranian government was funding palestinian jihad which is a terror group that carried out the attack. >> do you believe that iran through the alavi foundation has also supported terrorism? >> yes, i do. i have been thinking about this issue for years now. >> what did you do? >> after we received the judgment in 1998 we began to
11:23 am
locate iranian assets in the country and much to my surprise came across the building that is now subject to seizure in new york city as well as other properties around the country. went to court and asked the court to allow us to seize the properties. the alavi foundation answered, they lied and envelope the court bought their story as opposed to ours. >> the judge in the case said that you had to prove day-to-day control that tehran had day-to-day control of the alavi foundation and there wasn't the evidence then. whistling you look at what happened with the new papers from the feds, that is what the feds say. the feds say that iran "controls the alavi foundation." supreme leader ofream leader iran has put people on the alavi board of directors. whats your reaction when you heard that? >> it indicated what we have
11:24 am
been saying. i looked at it this way. one day we have the shaw in power and then we have the ayatollahs. we had a reputable board of trustees for the foundation here in the united states and then a week later replaced by six individuals. we knew they were taking their orders from tehran but the courts set this standard of day-to-day control that was difficult to overcome immediately but in the sense of the fact that iran is not a democracy or a capitalistic country, everything is controlled by the leadership and so in fact it belonged to the iranian government. >> do you think they have been an iranian front and advancing iranian cause across our country. >> for years. >> for years? >> yes style magazine why hasn't anybody done anything about this until now? >> i understood under the clinton administration they were interested in opening up a
11:25 am
dialogue. the bush administration moved on the criminal front with regards to terrorists in this country. the obama administration is moving maybe in the right direction to get iran to the table to talk about weapons of mass destruction. i can't quite figure out the timing and someone else has to answer that question. >> iran today says they call this movement by the feds to seize the properties disgraceful and the alavi foundation says they are disappointed with the federal action. the alavi lawyer told me that they are not controlled by iran, they are not owned by iran and they are not linked to the iranian government. what would you say to that? >> i think anybody that reads the complaint they would know that is hog wash. we filed the same affidavit in our case that has now been so shown to be a falsehood by the evidence set forth in the complaint. >> the former president of the alavi foundation is a
11:26 am
businessman. he has been in court. he was indicted this past spring for allegedly ripping up papers that dealt with the alavi foundation. the fbi agents say they sur veiled him at his hometown in westchester county. saw him ripping up papers and throwing them into the garbage can. do you think he has acted on behalf of iran? according to the defense, he met with the iranian ambassador in a room in a mosque in queens and then reported what he talked about to the alavi foundation board. >> these people don't pull the triggers on weapons but they do provide the funds that allow others to do that. >> he has plead not guilty but the case will continue. just this last week a judge ruled that heel go to trial. stephen flatow thanks for joining us. and our sympathies for your daughter and i'm sure this
11:27 am
against the alavi foundation is probably far from over. a question you probably didn't think about this morning. can you really just quit the mafia? i will tell you who knows, john gotti junior says he did and he wasn't the only one, telling the godfather, i quit. that's coming up.
11:28 am
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to be a good father is the most important job in a man's life, but it doesn't have to be hard. play catch, go to a park, or visit a zoo. help your child with their homework. sit down together for dinner. ask them how their day was. things get busy, and sometimes we all fall short, but the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today. here are some of the stories making headlines this
11:31 am
hour. secretary of state hillary clinton saying she doesn't have a problem with the decision to try suspected terrorists in new york. adding that michael bloomberg believes holding the trials in the city is appropriate. police and fire officials are now investigating the cause of a fire at an indoor shooting gallery. flames raced through the billing, killing ten people, including eight japanese tourists. and president obama and russian leader dmitriy medvedev planning to have a treat. >> y signed. >> former president bill clinton, connecticut senator joe leiberman, california governor arnold schwarzenegger all together. we wanted to give you a live look from the forum on middle east policy in jerusalem happening at the king day veteran's stadium hotel and that is where -- david hotel and that is where the former
11:32 am
president is leading a discussion right now. reena ninan is live monitoring the event and everything that is going on. what have we missed? >> oh, you're right iraq, all those people just came through these -- oh, you're right, all these people just came through the doors behind me. the who's who not just of the congressional world but also of intelligence, of governments and foreign policy heads meeting behind closed doors. most of the sessions over the past couple of days have been closed to the press and tonight it our only opportunity to get a look inside. i sat down with businessman heinz saba. in and asked him if he expects anything new to come from the conference. >> we look forward to, you know, some fresh ideas coming from there. for example, today, the plan, it's flesh, it's new, it's
11:33 am
building pro the bottom up and not establishing the state and not let's worry whether we have -- oa et cetera there arew ideas have haven't been widely expos. >> we spoke to palestinian officials who said they plan to go to the united nations to send a resolution to declare a palestinian state. do you think the united nations and america would support the plan? >> the prime minister has not totally denied it but didn't making be supportive of making this a priority. for him, the priority is really to these institutions. >> give us a preview of tonight, nenanyahu is supposed to give a speech. tell us about that. >> i have not seen the speech. he has been working ton for three weeks. >> we expect the speech to take
11:34 am
place in about an hour and a half time. we will bring you highlights. there is also that the attention might not just focus on palestinian negotiations but also possibly between israel and syria. we will keep an eye on that and see if more develops. back to you guys in new york, jamie. thanks. haim saban has brought together the best of the best over the years. thanks for not letting us miss a minute. reena ninan live in jerusalem. now, a different topic. can you quit the mafia? john gotti, jr., son of the most famous mob boss of our time now faces a verdict that could either send him home or to prison for the rest of his life. the jury back deliberating in the morning. the defense says he quit in 1999 when cut a deal and served six years in prison. prosecutors call it a crock and that the claim has ended in three hung juries and three trials in the last four years and turns out gotti is not the only one to say "i
11:35 am
quit." frank, good to see you and welcome to fox news. >> good to see you, eric, thank. >> what does john gotti say? >> in this case it is interesting. a little different than the previous three cases i observed over the last four years. this it case gotti is charged with three counts. two and three allege that he ordered the murder two of queens drug dealers. that, there is no statute of limitations on. the defense there is saying very simply he didn't order the murders. the only evidence on the murders comes from a cooperating witness, a rat in the case who defense has showed effectively is of dubious credibility. i don't think any one observing the trial objectively thinks he will be convicted of the murders. the only evidence on the
11:36 am
murders unlike his father, the only evidence for junior ordering the murders is john alight who both sides agree is a total degenerate and a life long criminal who made a career out of lying. >> look at what the prosecutors say. let me talk about the claim that he quit. the prosecutor, we have a quote. let's put that up. he told the jury "this defendant has lived a mafia life since the early 1980s and made millions and never quit this life and. what does the prosecution have to say? >> the prosecution and this is where count one comes in. this is the massive 110-page instruction that was given to the jury about what the law is. and so it as complicated case. but the prosecution says basically that, there is no quitting the mafia and the defense doesn't necessarily disagree that that is what the
11:37 am
mob says. they say the mafia says you can't quit, we don't dispute that but in violation much mafia rules when john, jr. saw what his father was going through and saw that his father died in jail, unable to touch him or even go to his own father's funeral he decided to take a guilty plea and start a new life for him and his family. that is why the defense says the act the underboss of the crime family okayed a hit on john jarvi, jr. and their explanation, hey, they wouldn't do it if john, jr. was still in the mob. >> he says you can't quit but michael francesi told me, yeah, you can quit. he believes john. michael has a book out called i'll make you an offer you can't refuse and here is what he told me. you can quit the mob. i have done it. he he wasn't decembe he was des
11:38 am
life and neither was i. >> had you not said those were michael foreign minister aanzese's -- michael franzese's words, i would have said they were gotti, jr.s. the whole thing if he withdrew in 2003, if the jury believes him, the prosecution says this is something he cooked up behind bars and only went forward after getting approval from other mobsters. the jury has a lot to weigh. at this point in the second trial they already had a verdict. we don't know how long they continue deliberating for but that is what they are wrestling with. do they buy the prosecution claim that gotti is only saying he quit to get off the hook for his crimes and did he cook this up while in jail awaiting for
11:39 am
trial or did as the defense claims did he get fed up with trial after trial, seeing his father die in jail and really want to start a new life for himself. >> frank, we are out of time and the jury has the case. we'll see what happens this week. thanks for coming in and explaining it. >> thank. >> jamie. i don't know how to transition to this. it is almost like we were in the courtroom. eric, thank you for that. struggling homeowners committing crimes in this tough times. some are gutting their foreclosed homes. literally cutting it them up and selling valuable appliances and other stuff left behind, just leaving a skeleton. who is trying to cut down on that? it's coming up. @@
11:40 am
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11:42 am
the nation's housing crisis continues to send homes in foreclosures and families, too and it is forcing them to be sold for a fraction of their previous value. thousands of the homes are being stripped of fixtures
11:43 am
including the counter tops and cabinets, anything else of value by the homeowners themselves. is reducing the value even more. who pays the price for that? casey stegall live in los angeles. i'm going to make a guess. first tell us what people are stealing and are the banks upset about this? >> of course, the banks are upate about it. you wouldn't believe what is being ripped off from the homes, jamie, you hit on some of them, things like cabinet. they are ripping up the cabinet. sometimes pulling out the wiring and even the copper pluming just to sell it on the side and make a quick buck. the crooks are really taking this to the next level. the problem is it is not just the home owners being kicked out of their homes. in fact, the fbi, the fbi is involved here. we will talk about that in a moment. they say that they see about 50/50 in terms of 50% of the homeowners responsible but the other 50% come from neighbors and actually random crooks who are targeting these vacant homes, these foreclosed
11:44 am
properties and after the home owner vacates them, jamie, they are going in and ripping all the stuff out and selling it on the side. they are making a lot of money but people are in fact cracking down on it. the banks say that a number of things can happen. they will lose a lot of money because sometimes the banks will be forced to go ahead and sell the home for even cheaper than it is already lifted for. we know that homes are at rock bottom prices with the housing crunch. listen to, this insurance companies are going after some of the previous homeowners even if they were not living in the home when it was stripped and even if they are not responsible the insurance companies are going after these homeowners to try and recoup the losses because the banks are having a difficult time writing this off, jamie. >> interesting story, casey, we didn't know it was going on. thanks so much. h1n1. is it getting better or is it getting worse? coming up, we will try to straighten out the mixed signals sent to us by the world health organization.
11:45 am
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11:48 am
many of you may be wondering whether the h1n1 virus has actually peaked in the u.s. the world health organization says levels of virus have weakened in parts of the country but the world health
11:49 am
organization also releasing startling numbers this week. take a look at this. 22 million americans got sick with the virus in the past year. 3900 people have died from it. and that includes 540 children. so is the who sending conflicting signals? we brought in dr. kumar, a fox news medical contributor in to help us sort through what may be conflicting information. how serious is h1n1 at this point in the flu season? >> well, we are seeing some decline in the numbers from september and october the numbers were very high, even including august. this so far november we have seen a decline in the numbers but that doesn't necessarily mean that we are not going to have another peak again in december or january. the flu season doesn't officially end until march. there are other countries still seeing intensifying numbers, those countries being if europe and in asia including israel and afghanistan as well.
11:50 am
>> now, they say it is a weak flu yet so many people have died and when you even lose one child to a flu it is a frightening prospect. is the world's health organization right when they say that and could this flu still change? >> the virus could still mutate. any time you have a virus being passed around it could mutate at one point in which case unfortunately the h1n1 vaccine will not be as effective. so far it hasn't mutated which is a good thing. interestingly, the numbers for flu, the deaths from flu are not the same as we are seeing in seasonal flu. with the seasonal flu we see these are lower numbers of people being infected by a higher death rate. in that respect they are saying the h1n1 flu is a little milder form. the people that it is affecting just aren't what we typically see what the seasonal flu, that being young children,
11:51 am
people under the age of 18, pregnant women. >> see are seeing a younger group of people being more is a rearly affected than with the seasonal flu. >> and people who are immune compromised if you have an illness like asthma you need to get the h1n1 vaccine. >> is there still time to get vaccinated for h1n1 and seasonal. >> i there is still time to get vaccinated for both. we haven't soon huge numbers of the seasonal flu. we are still seeing h1n1. maybe we won't see the same numbers of the seasonal flu as we normally do. maybe this will be the main virus that gets passed around for the flu season. i would still get vaccinated with both the h1n1 and seasonal flu as well. >> that was a question of mine and i asked you during the break that the h1n1 could end up being in a sense our seasonal flu this year. still time to get vaccinated then? >> there is still time to get vaccinated. the flu season doesn't end until march and i would still get vaccinated with the h1n1 because we may see a peak again
11:52 am
in the numbers. >> and tamiflu works. >> and if you think that you are infected you should go see your doctor and get on the tamiflu, especially if you are in the high risk groups, people under the age of 18 and pregnant women and people with underlying medical conditions. >> great information today. thank you so much. you can also go to fox the entire nation focused last week on the tragic attack at fort hood. how how did the media handle the story? insight, next. they said it would never last.
11:53 am
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>> eric: the fort hood shooting, tragedy unfolding before our eyes. at one point, liz trotta says the media could have done a better job. liz is fox news contributor and the first female network correspondent and joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: what is your situation you'd like to bring
11:56 am
out about this? >> what to do? such a conundrum. the politically correct police were out in force last week in the usual fraudulent manner. i'm unhappy to report that for those who haven't seen it already, a quote by general george casey was what set the tone. as horrific as the tragedy was, if diversity becomes a casualty, i think that's worse. well, that quote set off a fire storm, not just among those in the right end of the spectrum, but across the board. wonderful piece in the "christian science monitor" pointing out that the army strength has always been in the up-and-down construction. the vertical institution because everybody is treated the same. the concept of diversity, according to critics who talked to the "christian science monitor" are responsible -- is responsible
11:57 am
for the murder of the people at fort hood. now, that's one argument. the other argument and i must compliment the "new york times" this week as is not my want, they started out by talking about sergeant kimberly munley, the young lady who was a civilian police officer who became, quote/unquote, national hero. at the very least, i should say at the very best, the use of that word is an abuse of the english language, because we use it for everything now days. people do their jobs and they become national heroes. not in any way to deprecate sergeant munley, but the army moved in and immediately made her a national hero. told the "new york times" and other newspapers the story that she is involved in a fire fight and brought down the terrorist. didn't happen that way. now we know her partner was
11:58 am
the one who brought down major hasan. no, where are we on this? political correctness reigns. as we can see is private jessica lynch from two years ago. more than that. 2003. a unit of commandos, american commandos was sent in to rescue her from a hospital in iraq. it turns out she wasn't in a fire fight at the last minute. she was in an auto accident. the army has a propensity to make a heroine out of any woman it can get its hands on. thus still fighting the whole premise of do women belong in combat? >> in this troubled time, look, miss munley took fire, she was shot. she apparently did shoot. and with the troubles that we
11:59 am
have in the world today, don't we need heroes? i mean we need heroes out there for us. >> we need real heroes but we really demontize the word completely and make at it mockery when we use it for everybody. >> eric: she's not just anybody. she was in firefight. >> she was doing her job. i really depart with you. i'm very cit can call of the use of -- critical of the use of precise language and i think hero doesn't apply here. she was doing her job and she did it damn well, so did everybody involved there. the people who didn't do their job is army command trying to clean up their act and can't get out of the political correctness. >> jamie: liz, would not more people died if she hadn't taken her action -- >> we don't know that at all. >> jamie: general casey -- >> if you want to make a statement, do it. i'm not involved in that. >> jamie: we don't have much information on this. jessica lynch, i know a soldier that was


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